Sunday, January 22, 2006


This is a true story, me buckos.

My wife and I were walking in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia last Friday night. It was fairly quiet for a Friday night, I thought. A group of six people, three men and three women, were walking towards us. We all nodded hello.

I noticed that one of the men was missing his right arm; one of those shiny silver hooks - the kind you used to see more of before the advent of more realistic looking prostheses - taking the place of his hand. As I scanned the faces of the others, I also noticed that one of the other men was wearing a black eye patch; an expensive-looking one, not the kind you get at the drugstore after having a sty removed.

Then it struck me.

If only the third guy had had a parrot on his shoulder and you combined them all - they would have made one good pirate!


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