Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Clown of the day - Alberto Gonzales

Channeling Richard Nixon, US Attorney General Alberto "Gonzo" Gonzales believes his boss George W. Bush's warrantless domestic spying program doesn't merit an investigation. Remember, if the president does it, it isn't illegal.

From CNN's Larry King Live last night:

KING: Back to former Vice President Gore asking for a special counsel to investigate, would you object to that?

GONZALES: Well, I don't know why -- I don't know why there would be a need for a special counsel at this time, Larry, because what I can tell you is that from the very beginning, from its inception this program has been carefully reviewed by the lawyers at the Department of Justice and other lawyers within the administration and we firmly believe that the president does have the legal authority to authorize electronic surveillance in order to gather up foreign intelligence particularly, Larry, when we're talking about foreign intelligence of the enemy in a time of war.


Bill Clinton’s stain on a dress – yes. George Bush’s stain on the constitution – no.


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