Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day is done

Coretta Scott King passes away in the morning.
Cindy Sheehan is arrested for wearing an antiwar tee-shirt in the evening.

We shall overcome, some day.


Anonymous abjectfunk said...

Not too many comments here, that's a shame.

If you continue to post your site in comments, I don't think too many people will stop by, but I might be wrong.

I say email smaller blogs when you link and continue or expound upon their points, you might get more response.

I like what you have written (I read about half of your posts, the first half, that is, the top half). You deserve an audience, but you need to let people that you have read them and have made good points, and then they might drive some traffic your way. Otherwise, 99% of people will be annoyed. I have seen your link in at least 6 comments threads, and I only clicked over because I figured "what the hell."

Most people will be annoyed, if not pissed.

I had a blog, I can't do it because I'd rather read others than write the same stuff. Your stuff is different, so you need some readers.

The only "big" link I got to a post was when I emailed Pandagon about something I wrote in response to one of their posts. Also, showing up on other sites as "this site linked to this story" is good, but it is kind of tedious, and at least when I was blogging, hard to do.

Anyway, I'll keep stopping by and do what I can (very, very little) to drive folks your way, but I am deadly serious, you can't keep putting up your site in comments. It will not help you at all, and really increases the negative feelings amongst most blog readers.

So...my two cents. Take it for what it is worth..about two cents.

I'll shoot you an email if you want to write back, I don't provide my email address in comments, and I don't have a blogger account.

Have a good one, keep writing.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous abjectfunk said...

Well, you don't have email for direct mail to you as far as I can tell.

You should. Not in a moral imperative kind of way, but if folks have stuff to share just to you, not others, they need a way to do it.

Talking Points Memo, Atrios, etc., have email so you can send stuff other than through comments.

Just sayin'

Have a good one.

12:28 AM  
Blogger The Ringmaster said...

Thanks very much, AF. Sounds like you speak from experience and I truly appreciate your thoughts.

7:24 AM  
Blogger zennurse said...

Hi Ringmaster, I linked over from comments at digby. I often connect with blogs when folks say they have a new one, or if thier comments are interesting. I understand what abjectfunk is saying, though, and I know it's an issue for some. I'm not a blogger (yet) so I would take thier advice. I think if your comments are strategic and provocative, people will have a look. I would like to see more personalization on your blog in terms of expanding your theme and personality. It's very bland. But your graphics are great, are you doing those yourself? That's one part of a blog that intimidates me a lot. And your posts are individual and well stated, I think.

I am a regular at firedoglake, will mention you there, and if you're lurking I encourage you to post. It's been unusually busy the last few days and folks are a bit cranky after the Alito thing, but new, good talent is always welcome!

Best Luck


8:36 AM  
Blogger The Ringmaster said...

Zen, thank you!! It's an honor to have you over from Digby. I will take your comments into account. And yes, right now I'm doing my own somewhat rudimentary graphics. I'm no pro (like Monk!), that's for sure. It's an area I hope to improve.

8:48 AM  
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