Monday, January 30, 2006

Democrats Can't Muster the Sam Alito Filibuster; 19 Cross Over to Vote with Republicans on Cloture; Full Senate Confirmation Expected Tomorrow

And a nice little State of the Union gift to George W. Bush.

Hapless Senate Democrats once again took a page from John Kerry's failed playbook and decided to execute another strategy that has resulted in one election loss after another.

Their approach today on the filibuster is the prolongation of a passionless course of action that continues to demonstrate the impotence of the Democratic party. No party discipline, just a bunch of meaningless rhetroric to mask a defeatist attitude. No attempt to act on principle, just a vote for what they think is best for the party. How about what's best for the country? Afraid to take a stand for fear it would make them look obstructionist. To whom, Republicans?

Playing not to lose is the best way to insure defeat. The Democratic party will never enjoy power again until it develops, embraces and promotes populist ideas forcefully and confidently, no matter what the political consequences.