Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Harry Gives 'Em Some More Hell

Remarks as prepared for delivery by Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid at the Center for American Progress:

What is the state of our union in 2006?

We have a national security policy that protects Halliburton's bottom-line with no-bid contracts but sends our troops to Iraq without body armor.

We have Vice President Cheney's energy policy that helped Big Oil make a hundred billion dollars in profit in 2005 but this same policy has America paying 70 dollars for a barrel of oil and families paying twice as much for heat and gasoline as did in late 2001.

We have students priced out of college by skyrocketing tuition - and Republicans in Congress who want to cut student loans in order to pay for special interest tax breaks.

We have 46 million Americans without health insurance and poverty numbers on the rise - but a President whose economic policies benefit the wealthy and well-connected.

This is what happens to the state of our union when leaders put special interests ahead of the America's interest.

These are the costs of Republican corruption.

Harry's right, of course. And there are many more examples of how the grimy Republican corruption machine continues to ooze slime, soiling everything around it.

Full text here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They live in the moment and only for themselves, without a care about their progeny or anyone else's. They will bring about a revolution and an end to themselves. Let's hope they don't take all of us down with them.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Lee said...

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.

Video from Mark Kirk's appearance at the North Shore Senior Center yesterday can now be viewed at www.AtCenterNetwork.com The title of the feature is "Republican At Work"

Also, new commentary, "Barbers" was posted today. New commentary is posted every Monday and Thursday.

You can also view "Pro-Warriors: In Their Own Words", a documentary that I shot of the pro-war movement.

I hope you enjoy the programs. You can post your comments on the blogs that accompany each program.

Lee Goodman

12:49 PM  

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