Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Meet the stars of Circus Minimus

In Ring One: The Clowns

Morally corrupt, ethically challenged, hypocritical right-wing politicians who paint on their happy faces to mask the hideousness beneath. They make people cry instead of laugh.

In Ring Two: The Animals

The tobacco-chewin’, pick-up truck-drivin', NASCAR-watchin', country music-listenin', gun-totin', abortion clinic-bombin’, bible-thumpin’, red state-livin' residents of the wingnutosphere. They produce many tons of feces each day.

In Ring Three: The Roustabouts

The filthy faction of intellectually dishonest media shit-shovellers who walk behind the elephants and try to clean up the dung they deposit everywhere.

Behind the Tent: The Sideshow Freaks

Televangelists, intolerant zealots, Kool-Aid drinkers, true-believers and other self-appointed morality mavens who preach one version of biblically-mandated behavior but practice a vastly different version in their words and deeds. These atrocities of human development are frequent found in houses of worship.

And in the Middle: The Ringmaster

That would be me, your humble announcer.


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