Thursday, January 26, 2006

Osteopathic Surgeon to O.R. - STAT!

When the New York Times publishes an editorial titled “Senators in Need of a Spine”, and declares that there are few things more frightening than Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court, perhaps a few Democrats would get the message – like maybe New York’s two, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton?

But this Democratic caucus is in need of more than a spine, for they also lack guts – always on the defensive, always playing it safe, always pandering, always fearing public criticism that they will be labeled as soft on something, unpatriotic, anti-American, or worst of all…LIBERAL! And, as always, unable to muster the will to defend themselves against the smears and lies from the right.

How about standing for something, Senators?

Show us you have a spine. Show us you have some guts. Show us you have a freakin’ pulse.

Filibuster Alito.


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