Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pin the Tale on the Donkey

Chris Matthews: “Ted Kennedy, the guy that molested Samuel Alito’s wife”

Margaret Carlson: “Democrats who don’t applaud at Bush’s State of the Union speech will look bad.”

Deborah Howell: “Democrats received contributions from Jack Abramoff, too.”

Scott McClellan: “Bill Clinton also approved wiretaps without first obtaining a warrant”

Just some of the recent ones.

It would be a task of which I am not worthy to try and list all of the ways in which Republicans – aided by the so-called liberal media – have created an image of Democrats as a bunch of whining, flip-flopping, obstructionists with no agenda, simply by planting and spreading the same phony memes.

The Dems inability to dispel these images by crafting their own unified message and forwarding their own agenda is a source of never ending amazement to many, and should be an embarrassment to the party’s leadership.

I'll have more thoughts on this in a future post.


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