Monday, January 16, 2006

Stepping into the big pile of elephant dung today: Willard Helander

Ms. Willard Helander is the County Clerk of my idyllic suburban Chicago paradise known as Lake County. Now, truth be told, I don’t know much about the responsibilities of the Lake County Clerk. And I wouldn’t know Willard Helander if I bumped into her on the street. But recently it has been reported in our wonderful homespun weekly – The Pioneer Press – that Ms. Helander has been stopped three times recently for speeding in and around our lovely community.

In an interview with Randy Blaser, a columnist for the paper, Ms Helander defended her driving records with, among other things, the phrase “everybody does it”. You heard it right: the same excuse we hear from ethically challenged politicians at all levels of government. Tom DeLay would be proud.

By the way, Ms. Helander is running for re-election. Her opponent is Sharon Narrod, who hasn’t had a speeding ticket in 21 years!

Lake County, Illinois residents can cast their vote on March 21.

Way to step in it, Willard.


Blogger The Bearded Lady said...

Remember what our mothers used to say? "If all your friends jumped off a bridge - would you do it?"

8:14 AM  

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